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The Roman Wars

Famous Battles and Wars

Famous Battles and Wars
Misc. Facts

Info here includes the famous and most remembered battles and wars in Roman history.

First Punic Wars- Fought to capture Corsica and Sicily . Rome tried to send a fleet there in 260 BC but failed. In 265 a 2nd fleet was sent and create a beachead. In 255 Carthrage attacked w/ elephants and calvary. Stalemated inn 241 but a 200 ship fleet gave Rome the upper hand and control over Sicily. In 240 Carthrage surrendered the islands of Sicily and Lipari .

Second Punic War - Carthage and Rome declared peace, but it was to no avail, as Hannibal crossed into the nuetral zone and wasn't recalled by Carthage. Roman spies discovered this and reported it to the current emperor, and Rome once again declared war on Carthage. Hannibal needed to hit Rome's flank, because the center of their force was two wekk guarded on the north side of the Alps. So Hannibal brilliantly crossed through the Alps with 20,000 infantry and 6,000 calvary and overwelmed the Roman force. He tried to capture the smaller roman city of Capua. However, the city was well defended until Hannibal retreated into Africa, and planned his next move.

At the end of the 3rd Punic war, Hannibal was caught fleeing Rome in a ship, but swallowed poison rather than die at the hands of his enemies.

Roman invasion of Britain -  Britain was the target of invasion by forces of the Roman Republic and Empire several times during its history. The agressive Britain had long trading links with the Romans and their economic and cultural influence was a big part of the British late pre-Roman Iron Age. After a series of cultural disagreements, the Romans becamse the agressor and invaded the Britain. The invasion was led by Julius Caesar and was conducted mostly by the Roman military pounding away at defenses unil they were weak enough for an army to invade.

The Samnite Wars were three wars between the early Romans and the tribes of Samnium. They  ended in the domination of the Samnites by the Romans.

The First Samnite War resulted in Roman control of northern Campernia. It was started by a Roman alliance with Capua and did not go well. The Romans managed to disaffect their Latin allies without making any military gains.

The Second Samnite War consisted of two phases. In the first part, the Romans attempted to encircle the Samnites, but were trapped at the Battle of the Caudine Forks and forced to surrender. The Roman resumed hostilities in 316 but were defeated again, in 315 at the battle of Lautulae. Their next strategy was to establish colonies and build the a fortification to improve access to Capua, but it failed.

The Third Samnite War lasted for eight years. The Samnites again formed an alliance with the Etruscans, and then got the alliegence the Gauls, but in the battle of Sentinum , the Romans defeated the combined force.


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