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The Roman Wars


Famous Battles and Wars
Misc. Facts

Julius Caesar -
Probably the most famous of the conquerors and generals, Caesar is most remembered for crossing the Rubricon River on his way to conquer his own land of Rome. He was a master of wartime trickery and "dirty play." He was known to even betray his own men to achieve total victory.


Octavian - was born 63 BC and as a child he was cruel and untrustworthy. (He had bad teeth and health and was always getting sick constantly on his campaigns. He started out as a Lt. Commander under Caeser (above) during his expedition of Spain in 46 BC. In battle, Octavian was ruthless and his strategies were risky, but in the few wars he fought in he achieved total victory. He treated his troops well and could take critism from others in the Roman military.


Sulla - He was a Roman statesman and general who was victorious in Rome's first civil war (88-82 BC) Story of Sulla: He was upset when the power of command  was taken away from him and given to the statesman Marius instead, so Sulla went on Rome where he killed his enemies and took command; however, he could not "hold down the fort" for long enough for the amount of men he had avalable, so he used one of his more oppressive tactics that was the use of proscriptions, lists of Romans who were deemed criminals and whose property was taken away from them, to be released from whatever sentence they were serving and to serve Sulla's military. Sulla believed in conservative warfare and was a master at moving legions around the battlefield.


Pompey - Pompey was an outstanding soldier in all areas of the battlefield, and he was highly decorated for his heroism during battles when he served in the Roman campaigns in northern central Africa. He was an even better commander when he was appointed; he defeated Mithradates and took the cities Syria and Jerusalem, but upon returning to Rome around 62-61, he disbanded his army, and help rule in a Triumverant.


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